Waxing is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair from different parts of the body. The aesthetic qualities of waxing persist for a long time but depend on the individual’s speed of hair regrowth.

Preparation for waxing

Treated hair cannot be too short or too long. On the arms and legs, the optimal length is 6 mm, bikini and armpits 10 mm, face 2-4 mm.

Hair removal treatment

Before starting the treatment, we clean and refresh the skin with a special pre-wax cleanser that allows better wax adhesion and thus more effective hair removal. We apply wax on the prepared skin and proceed to depilation. We finish the treatment by applying post-wax cleansers that prevent hair regrowth, remove wax residues, moisturise and are anti-inflammatory.

Skin care after waxing

It is highly recommended to use peelings between waxing treatments. They prevent hair from growing into the epidermis, which can cause inflammation. We also use skin softening and moisturising lotions. However, do not use peeling on the day of waxing, and for sensitive skin up to 3 days before waxing! After depilation, you should also not sunbathe for at least 24 hours (with sensitive skin, even a few days)

Contraindications for the procedure

  • diabetes
  • phlebitis, varicose veins
  • inflammation and purulent skin
  • skin diseases (psoriasis) and skin changes
  • advanced pregnancy
  • epidermal defects and wounds on the skin
  • epilepsy
  • poor blood clotting
  • feverish conditions
  • allergies to wax found
  • directly after exposure to the sun or solarium
  • during treatment with acid derivatives And up to 6 months after its completion

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